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The Third Party Liability Car insurance can be taken out by:

  • The owner of the vehicle, whose data is recorded in the ownership certificate and properly registered within the PRA, the Public Vehicle Registry. They are responsible for paying the vehicle tax and hold the no-claims bonus certificate
  • A different policyholder whose details are indicated in the insurance contract and is obligated to pay the premium

The policy is the document that confirms the conclusion of the contract and contains:

  • The personal details of the policyholder, the type, and the license plate of the vehicle
  • The coverage, the specified coverage limits, and any applicable deductibles
  • The premium amount and the duration of the contract
  • It applies to car and motorcycle insurance. It involves categorizing policy rates into 18 bonus-malus classes.
  • You pay less if you haven’t caused accidents, both in Italy and abroad. The premium increases if you are involved in a claim for which we have responsibility (even if in part).
  • If drivers do not cause accidents, they move down in the merit rating class; if they do cause accidents, they move up

“The Deductible” is a contractual clause whereby, in exchange for a lower premium, the policyholder agrees to pay a portion of the claim amount to the injured third party out of their own pocket (reimbursing the company). This can be beneficial if the vehicle is rarely driven or if it is driven by very cautious individuals, and if the deductible amount is not excessive.

The law requires motor vehicles to be insured in order to travel on public roads:

  • The policy covers the owner and the driver from liability for damage caused to third parties or passengers during the vehicle’s circulation
  • The damages are settled by the insurance company within the maximum limits set by law
  • In case of damages caused by an uninsured vehicle, the Road Victim Guarantee Fund intervenes

The mandatory Third Party Liability car insurance coverage is complemented by a wide range of additional guarantees:

  • Fire – Theft and Robbery
  • Natural Events – Socio-political Events
  • Comprehensive (Kasko) – Collision – Glass
  • Roadside Assistance – Mechanical Breakdowns – Direct Repairs Driver’s
  • Personal Accident – Legal Protection

The exclusion and recourse clauses limit or exclude coverage of the risk and compensation in the event of a claim.

The main cases of exclusion are:

  • driving under the influence of alcohol
  • driving under the influence of drugs
  • driving with an expired license, but companies can specify additional cases of exclusion

The green card is the international certificate of insurance.

  • It allows a vehicle to enter the territory of a foreign country and circulate freely
  • It is no longer mandatory to have it in the car for travel within the European Union (although having it available during checks could expedite the process)
  • It is still required for travel within some non-EU countries.

There are three types of driving, and choosing the one that best suits the driver’s profile can help you save:

  • “Open Driving” – Your car can be driven by anyone, and in case of an accident, the insurance company will always reimburse the damaged party.
  • “Experienced Driving” – In exchange for a discount, this option allows the vehicle to be driven only by individuals with driving experience or within a certain age group.
  • “Exclusive Driving” – In exchange for a discount, this option restricts the car to being driven by a single designated driver.
  • When contracting a new policy with the Bonus Malus system, the standard practice is to assign it to Class 14.
  • However, the Bersani Law allows you to benefit from the most favorable merit class accrued by a cohabiting family member for insurance policies of the same type of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.), but only for a vehicle insured for the first time by individuals.

This is an evolution of the Law 40 of 2007 (Bersani law), which already allows for the possibility of arranging insurance for a newly purchased vehicle by using the merit class of another vehicle that is already insured and owned by the driver or a member of their family household.

The Family Bonus allows:

  • Insuring a vehicle (new or used) for the first time by utilizing the best merit class of a different type of vehicle (for example, using the merit class of a motorcycle for an automobile).
  • Inheriting the merit class of another vehicle within the family household when renewing the insurance policy, even if it’s a different type of vehicle. The vehicle must have been insured for at least 5 years and must not have been involved in any accidents with primary or equal responsibility.
  • It is an electronic device capable of recording the position and speed of a vehicle.
  • It allows the reconstruction of the dynamics of an accident, thus contributing to the fight against fraud.
  • Its installation results in a reduction of the premium to be paid.
  • It also functions as an alert system in case of theft.
  • It enables sending requests for roadside assistance.
  • By law, the costs of installation, maintenance, removal, replacement, or operation are borne by the insurance companies.

It is an important 24/7 emergency roadside assistance service:

  • It operates in case of Breakdown, Accident, Fire, Theft, Robbery
  • It also includes Towing of the vehicle, Minor repair interventions, Recovery of the vehicle off-road, Replacement vehicle, Assistance with immobilized vehicles abroad

A benefit that includes:

  • A discount on the premium of the following coverage (Third-Party Liability, Fire, Theft and Robbery, Natural Events, Socio-Political Events, Kasko, Collision)
  • Discount on the renewal premium of the Third-Party Liability coverage
  • No out-of-pocket expense for vehicle repairs.
  • Elimination or reduction of any deductibles/excess/non-indemnifiable minimums under the C.V.T. coverage

*The descriptions of the products on the website are provided for illustrative purposes, are purely indicative, and do not constitute a contractual element.

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