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UnipolSai Assicurazioni

UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A. It is the multi-line insurance company Gruppo Unipol, a leader in Italy in the non-life insurance sector, particularly in motor insurance (RCAuto).
Strongly active also in life insurance, it holds an absolute preeminent position in the national ranking of insurance groups for direct premium collection and serves over 10 million customers. The Company operates through the largest agency network in Italy, with approximately 2,500 insurance agencies and over 5,300 sub-agencies distributed throughout the country. Through this network, it offers a complete range of insurance products and services and is an undisputed leader in insurance telematics for the Motor insurance sector. UnipolSai Assicurazioni provides solutions to insure your mobility, home, work, protection, and savings. Discover all the advantages reserved for you and build your peace of mind!


UniSalute is the health insurance company of the Unipol Group, a leader in health insurance that has been dedicated solely to healthcare protection for 25 years. It offers personalized health plans integrated with a wide range of services to meet all the needs of supplementary health care comprehensively.
In 2019, UniSalute recorded €489.2 million in direct and indirect premiums and takes care of 8.6 million policyholders daily, including those from the largest Italian companies, national funds, and professional funds. With a widespread network of thousands of affiliated healthcare facilities, UniSalute ensures the best care at competitive rates.

Unipol Rental

UnipolRental is the largest player in the Long-Term Rental market with entirely Italian capital.
UnipolRental has been active since 1994 under the name Car Server. On August 1, 2019, it became part of the Unipol Group (with UnipolSai acquiring 100% of the company's shares). Unipol Group is the leading insurance group in the Italian non-life insurance market. After joining the group, Car Server changed its name to UnipolRental.</p> <p>Being part of the Unipol Group allowed UnipolRental to increase its territorial presence. It added to its existing network of 8,500 affiliated assistance centers and 23 directly operated branches nationwide, over 4,000 Auto Presto&Bene workshops, 200 My Glass points, and more than 300 24/7 assistance operators. Moreover, there are over 2,500 UnipolSai agencies where rental contracts can be signed.</p> <p>Currently, the company employs over 200 people, has a fleet of more than 50,000 vehicles, and serves over 10,000 clients, including large and medium-sized companies, SMEs, public administrations, private individuals, and self-employed professionals.

BPER Banca

As of now, the BPER Banca Group is a strong entity composed of two commercial banks, several product companies (asset management, personal credit, leasing, and factoring), and instrumental entities.
The BPER Group and UnipolSai Assicurazioni have signed a new operational model called "Assurbanca," which strengthens the existing Bancassurance model within the banking group. The agreement, which was signed, identifies two specific industrial macro-solutions:<br /> UnipolSai agencies promote BPER Group's banking products to their own clients, both individuals and companies (with turnovers up to 10 million euros).<br /> BPER Group's branches promote UnipolSai insurance products to their corporate clients, as an additional offering in addition to the Arca Assicurazioni catalog.<br /> This collaboration aims to enhance the synergies between the banking and insurance sectors, providing a more comprehensive range of financial solutions to their respective customer bases.


Cutting-edge technology portal for intermediaries.
It offers the highly competitive price of an online insurance together with the professional and high-quality service of a network of intermediaries present in the territory.

Facile.it Partner

Facile.it is the number one comparison website in Italy.
Facile Partner Network is the insurance intermediary network of Facile.it, launched in 2012 and already comprising over 2,600 collaborators.


Finitalia is the company within the BPER Banca banking group specialized in financing insurance premiums, any related products and services connected to insurance policies, as well as personal and specific-purpose loans.
For over 40 years, Finitalia has been providing customers with solutions to realize both small and large projects, operating in the sectors of personal loans, specific-purpose loans, and financing insurance premiums through dedicated installment credit cards. It offers insured individuals with Unipolsai the opportunity to finance their insurance premiums for themselves and their family members at zero interest rates. Additionally, it provides transparent and fast access to credit.

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