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We recommend only the best conditions for you:
  • Agritourism is an agricultural activity that involves not only cultivation but also livestock care and fruit harvesting
  • It distinguishes itself from other farms by offering hospitality and customer activities
  • To insure it, you can opt for the Basic coverage, which includes liability insurance
  • Liability insurance protects you in case of damages caused to third parties within your business
  • The coverage also extends to damages caused to vehicles of individuals parked within the premises of your business
  • The damages must be a result of your business’s responsibility
All Inclusive
The All Inclusive coverage includes:
  • Third-party liability that covers damages caused to third parties, including clients and workers
  • Fire coverage that protects the structure, contents, equipment, and livestock.
  • Theft coverage that applies in case of theft, mugging, or robbery. It also includes damages to fixtures and fittings.
  • Livestock coverage is specific for agricultural companies that raise cattle or use horses for riding activities.
  • Assistance that can be activated with a 24/7 phone call.
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