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Claims assistance
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How to report a Third Party Liability Car claim:

Reporting to your own insurance company, which is always mandatory

As specified in Article 143 of the Private Insurance Code: ‘In the event of a claim involving motor vehicles for which insurance is mandatory, the drivers of the involved vehicles or, if different individuals, their respective owners, are required to report the claim to their own insurance company using the form provided by the same, the template of which is approved by IVASS.”.

According to Article 1913 of the Civil Code: the insured must report the accident within 3 days from the moment it occurred.

Failure to comply with the three-day deadline does not jeopardize the compensation if the delay can be attributed to situations beyond the control of the insured.

The insurance company may withhold compensation only if it can prove that it has suffered harm due to the late report.

Loss of compensation occurs if the failure to report is deliberate or if the statute of limitations for the right to compensation, set at 24 months, is exceeded.

  • The report that must be submitted to the insurance company through the blue form (or CAI, friendly indemnity report) must be filled out in its entirety.

In the pre-printed form, the following information must be provided:

  • place and date of the collision;
  • personal information of the drivers and policyholders of the car insurance policies;
  • vehicle details and insurance companies;
  • description of the circumstances and details of the accident;
  • information about any injured parties and witnesses;
  • information about the involvement of any public authority (city police, police, carabinieri).

If the document is signed by both drivers involved, it serves as an agreement on the dynamics of the accident.

If it’s not possible to obtain the blue form at the time of the accident, it is sufficient to inform the insurance company through a so-called “precautionary report,” in which you describe the accident.

The insurance, once it has verified the submitted data, will proceed with the damage assessment through an insurance adjuster: only then will it determine the amount of compensation to be paid to the injured party.

  • accident involving more than two vehicles (or non-motorized vehicles);
  • accident involving a pedestrian or injuries resulting in over 9% permanent disability
  • accidents without collision between vehicles.

Regarding the compensation offer, the timeframes for settlement are:

  • 60 days, in the case of damage to vehicles only (a period that decreases to 30 days in case of joint signing of the blue form);
  • 90 days, in the case of injuries sustained by individuals.

Direct compensation can be applied in the presence of the following requirements:

  • the accident occurred only between two vehicles that must be identified, registered in Italy, and have an active insurance policy;
  • in case of injuries, the injuries sustained should be considered minor, meaning they do not exceed 9% permanent disability;
  • in the case of an accident involving a moped or a light quadricycle, direct compensation can be applied only if it was registered after June 14, 2006;
  • the accident occurred with a collision (for example, the procedure cannot be initiated in the case of an accident caused by the fall of protruding cargo).

The ordinary compensation procedure, or indirect compensation, involves the injured party, the victim of an accident, submitting a compensation request to the insurance company of the responsible party involved in the accident.

The ordinary compensation process is applied when at least one of the following circumstances occurs:

  • absence of collision between vehicles (no actual damage occurred to one of the vehicles);
  • the accident resulted in the driver suffering permanent disability exceeding 9%;
  • the accident involves agricultural machinery and boats;
  • the accident occurred abroad,
  • the accident involves more than two responsible vehicles (including the damaged party’s vehicle),
  • the accident involves a moped with the old five-character license plate.

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