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  • Save money: compare multiple companies and find the most affordable policy.
  • Enjoy innovative and cost-effective services.

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Car insurance policies
We recommend only the best conditions:
  • Insurance coverage for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Customized solutions for any driving need or habit
  • In addition to traditional coverage, a range of damage prevention and containment services
  • You can pay your policy however you want, including convenient monthly installments
Simple and affordable
Save without sacrificing anything:
  • Start with a welcome discount (on average, equivalent
    to three months’
  • Continue by purchasing only the necessary coverage
  • Enjoy a range of innovative and cost-effective services
  • Benefit from high standards of roadside assistance
    and direct repairs
For families and businesses
The policy can be purchased:
  • By the vehicle owner, whose details are registered in the ownership certificate
  • By a different policyholder, whose personal details are specified in the insurance contract and is responsible for the premium
  • The owner is responsible for the payment of the circulation tax (stamp duty) and holds proof of the no-claims bonus (risk certificate)

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