The Group

International vision and local presence

The Antonini & Partners Group was founded in 1992. We have grown by pursuing innovation and modernity while combining them with the stability and seriousness of the best experiences. We operate synergistically with subsidiary companies and various lines of business

Our commitment is to go above and beyond

  • We offer specialized insurance consultancy to Professionals, Businesses, and Families: Insurance and pension planning – Risk management and corporate welfare – Automotive and long-term vehicle rental
  • We have many years of experience in Financial Consulting and Mediation activities, including: Financial planning and investments – Mortgages and financing for individuals and businesses
  • We are leaders in luxury real estate. Qualified Property Finder¬†– Management and enhancement of real estate assets – Property and Facility Management

4 Specialized Portals

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And a qualified multidisciplinary staff to be ‘Effective’ and always capable of helping people achieve their set goals. ‘Efficient’ to enable people to obtain what they desire in a simple and fast manner. ‘Satisfactory’ and ensure our customers a highly interactive and personalized experience

To manage all the strategic phases of the value chain


Advisors and specialized brokers serving families, professionals, and businesses for 30 years

Corporate welfare

Corporate Welfare Specialists for the growth of companies and the well-being of employees

Risk management

We identify, assess, and manage risks for professionals and businesses to protect their organization

Long-term rental

Our customers drive the car of their dreams without buying it, choosing from all the brands in the market

Financial consulting

We help people realize their projects. We understand their needs and expectations and suggest solutions

Credit mediation

Credit specialists who guide individuals and businesses towards the best mortgage and financing solutions

Consumer credit

We offer fast and convenient financial solutions designed for the purchase of goods and services

Pension advisory

Our pension advisory experts recommend tailor-made solutions to cover various need

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Consultancy and Brokerage. Services for buying, selling, renting, and management

Luxory Real Estate

High-standing consultancy for buying, selling, and renting top properties and Luxury short-term rentals

Property Finder

A multidisciplinary team of exclusive buyer consultants for a demanding and international clientele

Property Services

We offer comprehensive property management services for various types of uses

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