Travel Insurance

There are different types of trips and numerous destinations...

A good travel insurance ensures the success of any vacation

Cover the unexpected events that all travelers are subject to with a tailored policy:

  • Customized guarantees built for specific protection needs
  • Wide range of personalization options, from health assistance to trip cancellation
  • Coverage valid 24/7, 365 days a year for major guarantees

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Whether you are traveling for study, work, or simply for pleasure

Choose the best coverage and travel safely:

  • Payment of non-deferrable medical and surgical expenses
  • Trip cancellation with reimbursement, flight delay and trip interruption
  • Reimbursement of expenses for theft and baggage
  • Third-party liability and legal protection
Not just a simple policy

Whether you’re traveling for tourism, study, or work, and whether you choose to travel independently or want to enhance the basic policy offered by your tour operator

Choose the solution that best suits your traveler profile:

  • We offer you the best price
  • Quality coverage
  • The assistance of a qualified team of professionals.

Travel Assistance:

  • You will have access to a contracted doctor if you are traveling in Italy
  • Worldwide, you can obtain urgently needed medications not available locally, receive information about local specialized hospital facilities, and organize medical repatriation if necessary

Medical Expenses Reimbursement:

  • Covers expenses in case of injury or illness
  • Includes costs for hospital medical treatment, therapies, urgent on-site surgical procedures that cannot be postponed

Theft of luggage:

  • It reimburses you in case of theft, robbery, mugging, or fire of your luggage, as well as in case it is not returned to you or if it’s damaged by the carrier

Trip cancellation:

  • This coverage applies in case of injury or illness that leads to the cancellation of the trip or a change in its dates before it begins
  • The guarantee also covers your family members or those traveling with you, provided they are insured

Liability insurance:

  • Covers every traveler who is required to compensate third parties for any damage caused inadvertently during the trip


  • Applies to all “on-the-go” accidents that occur during non-professional activities and result in death or permanent disability
  • Covers all accidents that occur while on board an aircraft as a passenger

*The descriptions of the products on the website are provided for illustrative purposes, are purely indicative, and do not constitute a contractual element.

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