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Insurance Protection & Services

Not just a simple insurance policy, but an exclusive protection system that combines traditional insurance coverage with some highly significant new guarantees:

  • Alongside the traditional insurance coverage (Fire, Theft, Liability), a range of innovative coverage options (Cyber Risk, Family Protection, Wellness Emergency, and Legal Protection)
  • 24/7 active assistance
  • Direct repair and Rapid return
Not just a simple policy

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  • Family protection. A capital for children up to 25 years old or disabled individuals in the event of their parents’ accidental death. Financial support for minor children who lose an academic year due to injury, and domestic help in case of the housekeeper’s injury
  • Emergency protection. Compensation for house inaccessibility, room reorganization, and damaged lock reinforcement
  • Wellness protection. Financial assistance for unexpected work interruptions to cover urgent expenses like mortgages or bills
  • Malware/virus support. Restoration of a computer damaged by viruses with qualified remote assistance
  • Reputation damage. The spread of information disclosed by the insured or a family member through the use of the web and social media networks
  • Legal/medical/bureaucratic phone consultations in case of cyberbullying
  • Sending a psychologist/psychotherapist in case the insured or a family member has exhibited post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of cyberbullying acts
  • Legal protection. In case of disputes related to online purchases of household contents or online reputation issues

In case of theft, it covers losses to the contents of the home, including the garage and basement.

It reimburses the value of stolen items and material damages to the contents.

It compensates the policyholder for damages to precious items and valuables, clothing, and personal items taken outside the home due to:

  • Mugging, robbery, and theft
  • Theft by stealth and baggage theft
  • Accidents or sudden illness

It protects the insured, their family, domestic workers, and pets for damages caused involuntarily to third parties, even outside the home, in various situations such as:

  • Activities in their free time
  • Wrongful or intentional acts committed by minor children, domestic animals, or horses
  • Damages caused by the possession and use of weapons and vehicles not subject to mandatory insurance, domestic workers, fires of vehicles or other property, or the use of their own home

The policy:

  • It reimburses damages to the electronic systems and equipment related to the insured assets in the event of electrical currents, discharges, or other electrical phenomena
  • It also reimburses material and direct damages to the Dwelling and/or Contents caused by atmospheric precipitation, hail, wind, snow overload, water entering the Building, avalanches, falling rocks, and avalanches

The “Water Damage” guarantee

  • guarantee provides compensation for damages to insured assets caused by water leaks, rainwater infiltration, clogging of water, heating and air conditioning systems, water leakage from household appliances, and freezing

The “Fault Finding”

  • coverage reimburses the expenses incurred to locate, repair, and replace parts of pipelines that have caused water damage

The “Earthquake” guarantee:

  • Covers the material and direct damages to the Dwellings and/or Contents caused by an Earthquake and by Fire, Explosion, and Bursting following an Earthquake
  • Reimburses the expenses incurred for demolition, clearance, disposal, and transportation of the Sinister residues and the costs for the reconstruction of the dwelling
  • Covers the damages to electronic systems and appliances related to the insured assets in the event of electrical currents, discharges, or other electrical phenomena

The “Direct Repair” service is provided by a network of high-quality artisans who act quickly to repair the damage:

  • When activated, it entails the complete elimination of deductibles, with no expenses borne by the Customer.
  • The compensation amount is paid directly by the Company to the intervening artisan, based on a collection mandate conferred by the customer.
  • The coverage is also extended to theft of fixtures and fittings.

The “Quick Return” service, on the other hand, involves sending specialized technicians for post-claim assistance to limit or prevent the worsening of the damage, facilitating a faster return to the residence.

The guarantees are effective for private life and for the ownership and management of the main and secondary or seasonal residences in the following cases:

  • Legal defense for negligent crimes or misdemeanors
  • Legal defense for intentional crimes
  • Opposition in I and II risk to claims for non-contractual damages
  • Summons of the head of the family’s liability insurer and/or the multi-risk insurer of the home

Following events such as fire, lightning, explosion, implosion, smoke, and gas, the following are reimbursed:

  • Material and direct damages to the home and/or its contents
  • Damages to third parties caused by the insured
  • Damages to the contents of the property
  • Damages to other owned or leased residences
  • Damages to vehicles and/or motorized vessels when parked in private garages or sheds

*The descriptions of the products on the website are provided for illustrative purposes, are purely indicative, and do not constitute a contractual element.

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