Health Insurance in Italy

Citizens of the European Union can move to Italy for work, study, or other reasons. They can enter the country with their identity card or passport, but after 3 months of stay, they must register with the Registry Office of the municipality where they reside to receive the Residence Certificate, therefore obtain the mandatory health insurance in Italy.

To obtain the Certificate, they must:

  • Declare to have sufficient economic resources for their stay (if not workers) – Provide documentation proving employment (if workers) – Demonstrate enrollment in a study program (if students).
  • And in each case, they must present the mandatory health insurance in Italy suitable to cover all health risks within the national territory.

Why choose us to obtain the policy?

Because it is simple – fast – guided.

1. Simple: Only an identity card and tax code are needed. The policy is signed via OTP and sent digitally.
2. Fast: It only takes 30 minutes to take out the policy – the credit card to pay for it and a click to obtain it.
3. Guided: Our consultants advise you on the best solution. The one that best meets your needs. You can find them by phone – WhatsApp – email or they can connect with you via video conference.

How it works

  • The client receives the mandatory pre-contractual documentation in advance: information notice, policy technical sheet, and privacy information.
  • They give their express consent.
  • They digitally sign the anti-money laundering questionnaire for the recognition of the actual owner and the policy.
  • They make the payment (with credit card or bank transfer).
  • And receive the policy in their email.

Contact us for further information about health insurance in Italy

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