Home Insurance in Italy

Buying a house in Italy is a dream come true for many foreign citizens, but it comes with a series of responsibilities. The property could be subject to unforeseen events such as fires, thefts, adverse weather phenomena, earthquakes, floods, and other eventualities that are difficult to handle with personal resources. That is why home insurance in Italy in very important.

Home insurance in Italy:

  • Offers numerous prevention services, assistance (24/7), and emergency response.
  • Compensates for damages caused by unforeseeable events.
  • Relieves owners of their responsibilities for third-party consequences.

It is a customizable product, adaptable with a wide range of guarantees, capable of mitigating risks and financial worries.

Why choose us for Home insurance in Italy

  • We understand your needs and advise on the quality, and quantity of coverage to purchase.
  • We identify the company and policy that offer the best value for money.
  • We issue the policy in a very short time.
  • We take care of after-sales service and the reporting of any claims.

All simple – All fast – All guided

  • Simple: only an identity card and tax code are needed, along with a few details about the home and its components. The policy is signed via OTP and sent digitally.
  • Fast: it only takes a few minutes to take out the policy – credit card or bank transfer to pay for it – and a click to obtain it.
  • Guided: our consultants advise you on the best solution. The one that best meets individual needs and budget. You can find them by phone – WhatsApp – email or they can connect with you via video conference.

How it works

  • The client receives the mandatory pre-contractual documentation in advance: information notice, policy technical sheet, and privacy information.
  • They give their express consent.
  • They digitally sign: the questionnaire for the recognition of the actual owner and the policy.
  • They make the payment (with credit card or bank transfer).
  • And receive the policy in their email.

Contact us for further information about Home insurance in Italy

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